Zeagle Single Gauge - 5000psi 32'' Miflex Hose Gauge / Black / White

by Zeagle
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SKU 372-9432

Zeagle gauges offer custom dial graphics that are large, easy to read and luminescent for greater visibility in low light. The ergonomic styling offers a low and compact profile and a one-piece brass body means it's shock-resistant and durable enough to survive your most radical underwater adventures. Perfect as a redundant air monitoring instrument. 

The standard hose length is 32in / 82cm in length, making this sinlge SPG perfect to clip off to your favorite d-ring on your BCD.


  • One-piece brass body is shock-resistant and highly durable.
  • Ergonomic sleek styling of the housing gives the instrument a low and compact profile and comfortable grip.
  • Comes with Miflex hose for flexibility to provide ease of gauge reading.
  • Two integrated attachment points at the top provide multiple options for gear configuration.
  • Custom Zeagle dial that is large easy to read and attractive.
  • Copper Beryllium spiral-wound rings ensure greater reliability and miniaturization, while the Bourdon tube design provides measurement accuracy.
  • Operating temperature from 40 degrees Celsius to -5 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit to 23 degrees Fahrenheit).

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