Zeagle Rear Weight System BCD / Black / Red / 16lb

by Zeagle
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SKU 8052z

The 8052Z rear weight system has top and bottom access for easy loading and unloading and has a 16 pound capacity (8 pounds per side). The unique feature of these pockets compared to our longstanding 8051Z rear weight system is the ability to position these pockets on either the top tank band or bottom tank band easily. Many divers are adding additional weights to the upper portion of their dive systems for better diving trim, these pockets allow you the option to position your trim weights on your Zeagle BC at either tank band level. Some divers will want to install 2 sets for this purpose. The new 8052Z rear weight system will function quite well with as little as one or two pounds or up to 8 pounds per side for excellent versatility.

The overall size is about 3.5” X 6”. The pull tabs are a single piece of webbing so divers can add a ring or handle to either red loop to make them easily dump-able, similar to the 8051Z system.

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