Sporasub Spitfire Kelp Fins / Green / Black / 43/44

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The SporaSub Spitfire Kelp Fins are a pair of long freediving fins with a soft semi-transparent polymer blade for long periods of spearfishing or freediving.


Semi-Transparent Blade

The soft green blade is a little bit See Through which both looks good and helps camouflage the blade for spearfishers. The Soft Blade doesn't use too much of your energy to move you through the water so you can wear them for long periods without wearing your legs out. In front of the foot pocket is a Cutout which helps to Reduce Drag and improve efficiency as well as a handy way to store them on a peg.


Dual Material Pocket

The foot pocket is made from two different hardness rubber materials so they're comfortable and don't rub while still transferring energy from your legs without stretching or loosing efficiency.

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