Sherwood Wisdom3 w/Compass & Q/D Computers

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The Wisdom 3 continues the tradition of the Sherwood Scuba brand while offering new, enhanced features like full-time access to NDL regardless of ATR. Dive Time Remaining on main screen and when in Dive Mode, you can see your available dive time whether limited by ATR or NDL. 

Sherwood’s Wisdom 3 has new full-time access to no-decompression limits (NDL) regardless of air time remaining (ATR), dive time remaining (DTR) on main screen. When in dive mode, see your available dive time whether limited by ATR or NDL. Sherwood scuba's reputation is built on rugged reliability. The new wisdom 3 is a direct reflection of Sherwood's commitment to this world-renowned reputation. Sherwood has taken their best computer and made it better, stronger and more reliable. The wisdom 3 displays tank pressure on the bottom of the screen in large, easy-to-read numbers. Above the tank pressure are displays for dive time, depth, max depth and other data. Along the side of the display are bar graphs that give a quick visual reference for nitrogen and oxygen loading. The new wisdom 3 is an intuitive easy to use and operate with easy to read large digital display. The computer has diver selectable alarms, deep stop reminders, deco warnings, and has air, nitrox and gauge modes. Computer has a dive simulator that allows you to walk yourself through any dive beforehand, and see your limits without getting wet. The repetitive dive planning mode uses information from previous dives to see limitations of your next dive. Logging your dives is made easy with the dive log function that stores profiles for later recall and viewing. The computer can be activated manually or will automatically activate when it gets wet.

• Expanded memory for dive profiles - access to up to 110 dives. 
• Deep stop reminder – conforms to latest theories recommending deep stops for dives that exceed 80 feet. 
• Intuitive 2-button operation. 
• Air integrated feature – Display air supply remaining (PSI or BAR). 
• Dive Time Remaining feature – calculates and displays dive

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