Scubapro Seawing Gorilla Fins / Orange / L

SKU 25.734.400
Built with a space-age Monprene® elastomer that is virtually indestructible. It includes a special additive to enhance stiffness and increase feedback. Fin excels in both high-speed and low-speed maneuvering, including frog kicks and reverse kicks, and offers improved handling when making small directional adjustments. Proprietary G4 articulated joint allows the entire blade to pivot and generate thrust. Wing-shaped blade creates a near-perfect balance of stiffness and flex. Variable Blade Geometry wing tips arc upwards, providing more power and increasing stability. Pivot Control Technology ensures that the most efficient 45-degree angle of attack is maintained no matter how easy or hard you kick. Marine grade bungee strap is self-adjusting, comfortable, extremely durable, and makes easy work of donning and doffing the fin. Re-engineered footplate with co-molded Grip Pads provides an improved non-skid grip on wet surfaces.

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