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Our ScubaTubeSocks rock! They are for HappyFeet and they make your buddies smile. For ease in performing the wetsuit dance and for keeping blisters at bay. One savvy customer said they’re like wearing lingerie for your feet and, once you wear them, you’ll never want to be without. If you want to be popular on a dive boat, take some to share! Divers in the know don’t leave home without them and some good buddies share with others who have blisters. Great with full foot fins and in booties! Cave divers laughed at Robin the beginning of a trip when he donned the Socks. By the end of the third day, they were all taping their feet but Robin had HappyFeet! You can see them in your gear bag, you bring them out, everyone smiles – they either know about them already or they want to know all about them. They are made from our high-performance fabrics that coordinate with our other products – kind of like adult Garanimals and everyone knows your print. They wash beautifully in the sink (I wash mine with shampoo so I smell nice on the boat – this is a very important aspect of diving – smelling good and fresh with no soured smell) and they are ready for the next day to help you slip into your wetsuit and booties and fins. ScubaTubeSocks measure 13.5? x 4.25? so how much Sock’em on your ankles is dependent on the length of your feet. We also offer a custom, longer length 19? x 5.25? that flares a bit at the top, available in limited fabric prints online known as ScubaTubeSocks Super Size. These are quite comfortable – and stylish for every day wear. Ask awesome photographer, Mitchell Kearney and dive instructor, Jeff Leicher of Jack’s Diving Locker.

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