Mares Avanti Superchannel OH Fins / Black / R

by Mares
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The Avanti Superchannel is designed for the diver who wants the perfect blend of power and efficiency in one fin.The new blade design with a large central Superchannel and two traditional lateral channels provide excellent thrust while maintaining hi-efficiency and minimizing leg fatigue.Mares Avanti Superchannel Open Heel Dive Fins Channel Thrust TechnologyWhen water spills over the sides of the blade, it reduces thrust, and decreases efficiency. 

Mares design was derived from observing marine mammals such as manatees in their natural environment. When swimming they bend their tail to form a channel, which optimizes thrust. When proper channeling occurs, all of the displaced water contributes to thrust.The "Channel Thrust" technology maximizes the channeling of water and moves a much greater amount of water compared to other fins of the same size. The result is greater thrusting power with the same amount of effort. Mares latest development in "Channel Thrust" technology is the new "Superchannel" design. "Superchannel" further increases the high performance level of Mares fins.

* ABS plus buckles
* Anatomical open heel foot pocket
* 3 channel design for added propulsion
* Rugged and durable construction

Channel Thrust
Soft longitudinal inserts allow a controlled deformation of the fin blade while kicking. This channel shape moves a greater amount of water resulting in more thrust for the same effort.


Code:    410012
Material:    Thermoplastic rubber-Tecralene®
Blade:    14.6" (size R)
Weight:    2lb (size R)
Blade Thrust Area:    113.1in² (size R)

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