Hollis LED1200 Canister Sys, Sidemount Light / Black

by Hollis
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The LED1200 is a critical tool for demanding exploration dives. It is dependable and reliable, and constructed with the highest-quality materials in Lake City, FL. LED1200 features a heavy-duty light head machined from aircraft-grade aluminum with redundant sealing, and a Delrin battery canister with overcharge/discharge circuitry protection and redundant sealing. LED1200 comes in standard or sidemount configuration, making it the ultimate primary light for cave, wreck or ocean dives. Mark our words: it is our most dependable primary light ever produce, and the last primary you will ever need.


Our strongest light head, its housing and handle are made of machined aircraft-grade aluminum for ultimate durabilitiy. It provides fast heat dissipation of the LED components, and redundant seals in the light head ensure no flooding will ever occur. Choose between two handles: elastic goodman(sold as standard option), and hard goodman grip(sold as accessory only).


Machined solid Delrin canister has external locking Nielsen latches and is powered by a 5.2aH(57.5wH) Li-Ion battery pack. Redundant sealing, overcharge and discharge circuitry protection is built into the battery and the charger, and charging ports inside the battery lid keeps the battery sealed from the environment during charging.


The choice of standard or sidemount configuration, both compatible with the same battery, suits every diver’s needs. Allows streamlined configuration of the cable assembly and easy to locate toggle switch.

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