Fourth Element Helios 7mm Wetsuit Women / Gray / Black / 16

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A combination of features developed to minimise water ingress, but maintaining ease of donning, make this 7mm full suit, the ideal choice for dive schools. Robust linings with extra wear panels in the seat and knees, ensure that even novice divers will find critical wear areas are covered. Easy to read size information is colour coded on the arm making suits easy to find on the rack and a full range of sizes is available.

Product Information:

In a recent survey carried out by PADI on lapsed divers, the number one reason why they stopped diving was due to a bad experience and this was overwhelmingly because they got cold.

Some dive schools offer training in drysuits from day one, but this is expensive to set up. Other dive schools stick to the simpler ‘budget’ option of wet or semi dry suits. Everyone is familiar with the sight of students in ill-fitting wetsuits, shivering at the side of a dive site, clearly wondering what it is that they have let themselves in for.


Helios is designed to offer a solution to this, and to be a part of improving the learn to dive experience, helping to retain more divers in the sport and promoting safer diving in cool waters.

Designed exclusively for dive schools, critical wear areas are reinforced, hard wearing and warm linings are used throughout both the 7mm full suit and 5mm over-shorty. Utilising the wrist and ankle seal technology from our top-end wetsuits, high quality components and a minimalist design, the Helios features stretch neoprene for optimal fit, minimising water ingress and flush-through to offer a warmer diving experience.

Key Features:

  • Warm, comfortable yet robust suit
  • Double Smoothskin zip barrier
  • Internal PU seals at ankle
  • Cut-away heel for easy donning
  • Glideskin on wrists and inner collar
  • Anti-slip Carbonite print on wrists
  • Hard wearing thermal lining
  • 90% Neoprene 10% Nylon

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