Deano Cook Atlantic Spotted Bottle Nose Dolphin - 2:3 / 18''W x 12''H

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Presenting Deano Cook's authorized and licensed original photography printed on gallery-quality canvas. Deano Cook, world famous for his underwater tattoo designs, has a deep love and infatuation with the ocean since he was young.  He enjoys the fact that he often risks life and limb to swim out and get some of the most compelling images in the world. Deano has the distinction of even having his photography, such as his Lemon Shark photo, featured in the Smithsonian. Hand stretched on a wood frame by the gallery specialized print shop and ready to hang. Each print is made to order, packaged with love, and drop shipped directly from the gallery printer to you for your enjoyment.


  • Hand Stretched
  • Print on Canvas
  • Made to Order
  • 10 Business Days

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