Bare 7mm Ultrawarmth Coldwater Hood / Black / L

by Bare
SKU 066924blk-40l

Complete your exposure system with the warmest hood available. ELASTEK outer fabric for great fit and stretch with high loft Celliant inner fabric. Double glued and blind stitched seams mean you'll get seasons of reliable use from the Bare 7mm Ultrawarmth Hood. Secure-lock construction improves isolation and reduces flushing keeping you warmer and diving longer. ELASTEK/Glideskin-in trimmable face and neck glides nicely over your hair. Hood neck seal mates with dry suit seal/wetsuit collar. Bare's GEN2 hood vent allows trapped air to escape without letting water enter. Mask strap grip pad on the back of the hood secures your mask strap in place. Now what makes them so warm you ask? 7mm neoprene with low-loft Celliant technology in the inner fabric is the answer. Conserving your energy in the water is essential to achieving your warmest, most comfortable dives. But when heat escapes your body, you lose more than 60 percent of your energy. Ultrawarmth Celliant Technology converts your body heat into thermal energy before it escapes and reflects it back to your body, so you can maintain your optimal body temperature. Ultrawarmth Celliant Technology has been scientifically-proven and determined by the FDA to provide thermal energy, increase endurance, and speed up recovery. All Ultrawarmth products, accessories and wetsuits have Ultrawarmth technology embedded in the fabric of the material.


  • Complete Your Exposure System w/Warmest Hood Available
  • ELASTEK Outer Fabric for Great Fit and Stretch
  • High Loft Celliant Inner Fabric

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