Aqua Lung Reveal Mask / White / Black

SKU ms192116

• A new grade of advanced crystal-clear silicone is used to create a super soft and comfortable fit

• An innovative wrap-around skirt design provides an excellent fit for a wide range of face shapes

• Advanced Fit Technology (AFT) enhances the sealing features of the silicone skirt, improving fit, comfort and feel

• An innovative strap better forms to the diver’s head, increasing comfort and provides a more secure fit

• Quick Fit Buckles. The one-touch button release allows for easy adjustment for the best fit, even while wearing thick gloves. The buckles are attached directly to the silicone skirt in order to provide stability on the face

• The single-lens version of the Reveal features an innovative construction system that makes it one of the lightest single lens mask (non-frameless) on the market

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