Aqua Lung Aquaflex 5mm Wetsuit Women / Galaxy / Black / 8

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Features: 5mm Aqua Flex neoprene used throughout. This is the base thickness of the neoprene layer before the nylon outer and inner layers are added The outer nylon material is resistant to abrasions and hook-and-loop materials due to the tighter weave. This keeps your suit looking good! The inner material is ultra soft making these suits easy to put on and take off Neoprene is a non-petroleum based material, which makes it easier on the environment to produce and dispose of Skin-in-neck seal provides for a comfortable stretch and seals out water Three way zipper seal minimizes water entry, keeping you warmer on your dive (5mm) Spine pad is integrated as part of the three way zipper seal for added comfort (5mm) Kidney pad for additional insulation in this high heat loss area (5mm) Pre-bent anatomic legs and arms The knee pads, wrist and ankles are ultra stretchy

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