Bare 5mm Evoke Full Wetsuit Women / Black / 6+

by Bare
SKU 002474blk-6+

Performance from Within
Designed by BARE’s all female design team, Evoke embodies our latest design thinking. Technically, it uses innovative Omnired™ Infrared Technology to increase circulation, body warmth and performance and esthetically, the design reflects current yoga and active-wear styles that accentuate and enhance the female form.
A Warm Dive Is A Good Dive
Omnired™ Infrared Technology uses 13 thermo-reactive minerals that convert body heat into infrared energy and reflect it back to your body. This improves circulation and temperature regulation, and helps you conserver energy—which means a warmer, more comfortable dive, and more time in the water.
Designed to fit
Our bodies are a scientific marvel, able to move, stretch, and flex, constantly adapting to our environment. Evoke was created with this in mind, pulling inspiration from activewear and yoga apparel, which flatter and accentuate the body’s natural form. BARE’s anatomically correct, three-dimensional fit creates an easy-on/off suit that gives you the highest level of comfort and mobility available.

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